About Us


At HUANA-COA CANOPY ADVENTURE® we are dedicated to provide our visitors the most exciting, adventure, sports and ecotourism experience, under the highest standards of quality and safety.

Our park is located in the foothills of the Sierra Madre within the grounds of the Vinata LOS OSUNA®, 30 min away from the tourist area of Mazatlan.

At the CANOPY ADVENTURE you will fly and live the wonderful ecosystem, listen and observe exotic animals, appreciate the architecture of hacienda houses of the last century and will enjoy an unforgettable ride, all in one place.

Safety first!

Our staffs have received 200 hours of training in high altitude environment techniques to help you enjoy the tour in the safest way possible. We use PETZL® brand equipment, the best equipment available in the world market for this type of activity.

We carry out daily inspections to our equipment to keep it in good condition at its smallest details, as well as a schedule of maintenance and inspection before starting operations.

The Tour

The journey is over 12 platforms and 9 lines adding up 1 km 100 mts of stainless steel wire. You will have the opportunity to make three light walks between nature and cross over by a flexible bridge, you will feel the taste of the most typical Mexican landscape as you fly above a plantation of blue agave; the “Coas” will be waiting in the latest platform to tell you how to perform the vertical drop of 13 mts with appropriate and safely technique. Once you come back down, you will be making a small 5 minute walk from the blue agave plantations allowing to relax after the adventure.

Returning to the starting point return the climbing equipment and we will offer quesadillas and water. Once relaxed, buy some souvenirs in our shop.

Walk to the Vinat LOS OSUNA® where an experienced will show you the process of manufacturing the agave at the facilities. End this tour with an Agave distillated LOS OSUNA® tasting.